David Letterman does Carlos Danger top ten list

Yup, now David Letterman is on the Carlos Danger comedy act. The New York based last night legend had to lend his own brand of humor to the latest Anthony Weiner sex scandal.  Letterman made the point that he could forgive a New York mayor candidate the sex scandals (nice of him since he has had his own sex scandals) but that he drew the line at having a New York mayor that would choose to be named Carlos Danger. He wondered what the rest of the country would think of a city that put a man with such a name into office. So, he put together a  top ten list featuring name alternatives to Carlos Danger for Anthony Weiner to consider.


Anthony Weiner press conference cubicle guy

There really are some weeks when you have to wish that Saturday Night Live wasn’t off for the summer. There is so much that the New York based SNL crew could do with the latest Anthony Weiner scandal but it is difficult to imagine them going much further than the press conference itself.

Sure they wouldn’t be able to resist working Carlos Danger into the skit but surely they wouldn’t be able to resist the unsung star of the press conference. No, not Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin but the cubicle guy behind them. Every comedian has picked up on the way in which the Anthony Weiner cubicle guy just lurks there looking like a cross between Wilson from Home Improvement and Kilroy.  It would be great to see which cast member then put into the role of cubicle guy.

anthony weiner cubicle guy


Jimmy Fallon celebrates the latest Anthony Weiner scandal

The New York based late night comedians continue to chime in on the Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger scandal. Jimmy Fallon wasn’t about to be left out of the fun. Jimmy Fallon was happy to admit that a scandal from Weiner is like Christmas in July for comedians. The late night host focused, as everybody else has, on the Carlos Danger persona.  He explored what the online life of Carlos Danger might be like. He created a fantasy Facebook profile for Carlos Danger and makes a series of pretty funny jokes about what would be on that profile.

It doesn’t look like the jokes at the expense of Carlos Danger are going to dry up any time soon.



Meet Carlos Danger (aka Anthony Weiner)

Behind all the outrage from the New York Post over the latest Carlos Danger sext scandal from Anthony Weiner, you have to think that they are secretly loving it. After all, what better to sell newspapers that headlines such as ‘Meet Carlos Danger’ with a sorrowful looking photo of Anthony Weiner’s wife?

They have to be praying that Anthony Weiner wins the New York City mayoral primary so that they can have at least another vew weeks worth of Carlos Danger headlines. Particularly as summer is traditionally the slow period for news. Who can blame their hopes because they must know that if anybody else becomes the New York City mayor that it will be nearly impossible for them to come up with anything as tabloid newspaper ready as Anthony Weiner’s Carlos Danger.
Meet Carlos Danger


Stephen Colbert endorses Carlos Danger for New York mayor

Stephen Colbert rarely misses a beat and tonight he publicly declared his support for Carlos Danger as mayor of New York City. Colbert is impressed by the ability of Anthony Weiner’s Carlos Danger to have no fear when it comes to silly things like not breaking promises or taking matters into his own hands.

There was little chance that The Colbert Show was going to let The Daily Show have all the fun with the Anthony Weiner Carlos Danger story. If you are a fan of his take on the day’s news then this is another Carlos Danger joke that is going to have your side aching.

Just imagine a world where Carlos Danger really was the Mayor of New York? One thing would be certain – comedians would never run out of material.


The Daily Show’s John Oliver takes on Weiner’s Carlos Danger Persona

If you watch The Daily Show then you had to know that it wasn’t going to take much for them to let rip on the latest Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.  The Daily show is, after all, a New York City based show. So, not only is this the sort of comedy gold that they would cover anyway but it actually impacts the writers.

All of which was abundantly clear when John Oliver stepped behind the desk to take on the story. No doubt, he would have been able to make great jokes about the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal no matter what but finding that Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger was just too much. What resulted was ten minutes of some of the funniest Carlos Danger jokes you are going to see anywhere. John Oliver has been coming into his own as host of the Daily Show while Jon Stewart is taking is break and this Carlos Danger rant is in the running for the funniest he has been so far.



Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger!

When it came out that Anthony Weiner was returning to politics by deciding to enter the race for the office of Mayor of New York, a number of eyebrows were raised. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Anthony Weiner had been forced to resign from congress after being caught sending a lewd Twitter image to a woman.

As much as they might not be thrilled at the idea of Anthony Weiner junk shots, most of his supporters really weren’t that concerned about him exchanging such photos with a consenting adult. After all, in this day and age junk shots are sort of part of the internet generation’s mating rituals.  What got him in real trouble was the lying about it by first pretending that he didn’t know if the images were of him or not. There are a lot of things you can say against the male memory but what their own male body part looks like is not something they tend to forget.  So, of course, Anthony Weiner then had to come out and admit it was him and it resulted in his resignation and sulking off to spend some time in the political wilderness.

When he emerged as a candidate in the New York Mayoral primary you would have at least thought he had learned to keep it in his pants when it comes to online messaging. Why put yourself in a position to bring shame upon yourself and set your political career back a second time? Yeah, that’s what you would think but Anthony Weiner has gone and done it all over again.

This time, photos claiming to be naked photos of Anthony Weiner appeared on the site The Dirty. The were said to be from messages that Weiner had sent a 22 year old woman. This time there isn’t even the blessing of underwear covering the body part in question. Full out junk shots. We’ve posted the censored version here for obvious reasons but the uncensored versions can be easily seen on The Dirty.

Anthony Weiner junk shot

Surely, it all had to be some mistake because Anthony Weiner couldn’t have been so stupid to have done this all again. Nope, he was indeed that stupid. He called a press conference, with his suffering wife Huma standing by his side, where he admitted that the allegations were true.

The whole press conference is posted bellow for you to watch for yourself.


Of all the allegations the one that has really taken people by storm is the revelation that these Anthony Weiner junk shots were sent using the alias Carlos Danger. What a fantastically bad name. I can’t decide if it sounds more like a bad porn name or a bad Mexican wrestler’s name.  Either way, it has let us into the mind of the internet perv version of Anthony Weiner.

No matter what the result of this latest scandal as far as his political career goes, he will forever be Carlos Danger.  You can just picture Carlos Danger as mayor. Priceless!